Below you will find a list of commonly requested ECMN forms. Don't see what you're looking for? E-mail

Convention Forms

Read about lay delegates & find forms here.

Finance Forms

ECMN Reimbursement Request

Informed Consent form for Background Check

ECMN provides support in completing background checks for staff and volunteers. Background check forms are to be submitted to Once submitted, background checks will processed. Faith communities will only be notified if there are issues found within the background check process. After a successful background check is processed, faith communities will be invoiced roughly $6.95 per person. PLEASE NOTE: additional charges may be applied, the additional charges are minimal and vary based on findings. Click here to download the background check form.

Parochial Reports

For information on the Parochial Report process, contact Missioner for Administration, Ellice Chelgren, at For the 2019 Parochial Report Addendum, please click here.

Generic Youth Permission Forms

Generic Youth Permission Form (can use for youth mission trips, lock-ins, camps, etc.)

Confirmation and Reception Forms

Certification of Confirmation and Reception
Request for Confirmation and Reception Cards

Licensed Lay Ministry Forms

Application for Licensed Lay Ministry 
Application for Renewal for Licensed Lay Ministry
Licensed Lay Ministry Handbook 

Clergy Forms

ECMN Marriage Consent Forms (for permission to remarry after divorce, revised following General Convention changes, 11/29/15)
I Will Bless You and You Will be a Blessing (Liturgical Resources 1 Revised and Expanded e-Book)
Declaration of Intention for Marriage (revised following General Convention changes, 11/29/15)
Clergy Continuing Education Grant Application 
Marriage Officiant Credential Filing Hennepin County with links to state-wide credentialing

Holy Orders Forms

All Holy Orders materials should be scanned as a PDF (one form = one PDF, no matter how many pages it is), saved as "[Your Last Name] Form [Letter]" and emailed to:

Alternatively, they may be mailed to: 
Holy Orders 
The Episcopal Church in Minnesota
1101 W Broadway Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

ECMN Discernment and Formation (Describes Forms Below)

A – Readiness for Discernment and Covenant

B – Informed Consent for Background Check (see form above)

C – Outcome of Discernment

D – Application for Holy Orders/Postulancy

E – Nomination for Postulancy by Vestry/Bishop’s Committee

F – Waiver of Information

G – CPG Medical Exam Form (support)

G – Medical Examination

H – Psychological Evaluation 

I – Postulant’s Application for Candidacy

J – Recommendation for Candidacy

K – Candidate’s Application for Ordination to the Diaconate

L – Recommendation for Ordination to the Diaconate

M – Application for Ordination to the Priesthood

N – Recommendation for Ordination to the Priesthood


The Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota

Click here to find the Constitution or Canons governing the Episcopal Church. The links are easy to read and search. Read them to gain a better understanding of the Episcopal Church.

ECMN Journal and Directory

The ECMN Journal is published annually as required by the Canons of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, by the Office of the Secretary of Convention. View the 2014 ECMN Journal