Report on January 2015 Meeting of Elected Bodies

January 10, 2015

The Meeting of Elected Bodies took place Saturday, January 10 at Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska.

The morning began with a welcome by Bishop Brian Prior, followed by an opening prayer and Gospel Based Discipleship. The event continued with a video and discussion about Missional Innovative Partnerships, a discussion about Engaging God’s Mission Through Ending Hunger, followed by a brief presentation on Mission Opportunity 2015: Engaging the Spirit in Haiti.

Everyone then moved on to goal tracking in their Elected Bodies, followed by lunch, and then wrapped up by meeting in their individual Elected Bodies.

Click here to view MEB Morning Part 1 or click here to view the YouTube video shown. Click here to view MEB Morning Part 2 or click here to view the YouTube video shown to Council during the afternoon sessions.

Click here to view photos from the event on the ECMN Facebook page.

Here is a summary of what was covered in each of the Elected Bodies:


  • A banking resolution to add John Dwyer as a signer was approved unanimously.
  • The resolution to move the rest of the Good Samaritan Fund to support faith formation was approved, with one nay.
  • The 2015 Housing Allowance resolution was approved unanimously.

Brian Ostenso reported:

  1. Financial statements for the 11 months ended November 30, 2014 were provided along with a year end projection showing a surplus.
  2. Parochial Reports are due by March 1. On January 14 at 7pm, ECMN is hosting a Webinar meant to help faith community administrators, treasurers, and clergy with how to fill out the report and file it electronically. Contact Michael Pipkin at for more information.
  3. Bishop Prior is asking the Joint Finance and Audit Committee to begin the work of developing a 5-year Financial Statement of Mission. This 5-year plan will be an important tool in helping ECMN with longer term strategic planning.


The Commission on Ministry (COM) is organizing itself in three sub-commissions, as below. COM members assigned to each sub-commission are listed in parentheses, additional non-COM members are appointed by the Bishop).

Commission for Discernment (Jason Lucas, Bao Moua, Mike Sirany)

  1. Serve as a resource and guide in discernment process
  2. Meet with those in discernment
  3. Interview for outcomes of discernment
  4. Interface with Spiritual Direction Network

Commission for Formation (Kate Bradtmiller, Barb Fairbanks, Helen Hansen)

  1. Assist in creating/affirming formation plans for all
  2. Create attestation of formation statements on behalf of Bishop and Standing Committee
  3. Create and implement evaluations
  4. Interface with Formation Chaplains

Commission for Ordination/Commissioning/Licensing (Bill Sullivan, Theo Park, Eva Cavaleri)

  1. Assist in Holy Orders tracking
  2. Meet with candidates for support and resourcing
  3. Assist with ordination liturgy planning
  4. Serve as resource for Lay Licensing training and procedures


At the MEB, the Standing Committee:

  • Reviewed our 2015 Work Plan with Missioner Amanda Ziebell-Finley
  • Welcomed and engaged Bishop Prior who briefed us on matters of Mission Management, and Ministry in ECMN
  • Consented to several requests regarding ECMN property
  • Conducted four candidacy interviews including two Shared Ministry Teams and two individuals
  • Considered the consent for the election of a bishop


  • Pooled Investment Fund: Preliminary figures show that the PIF did better than its benchmarks in 2014. Final figures will be ready in February. Currently 60% of faith communities invest in the PIF.
  • Real Estate and Loan Committee: The Real Estate and Loan Committee is making good progress on acting proactively with Faith Communities. The final finance question for the Maintenance Savings Program was answered in December. Final program documents will be reviewed and approved at the March MEB.
  • Joint Finance and Audit Committee: 2014 figures are being finalized.