Beloved Community Forums for Racial Understanding & Reconciliation presents: ‘Our Community, Our Problem: Identifying the Issues of Homelessness & What You Can Do to Help’

July 18, 2020 Online

Homelessness and the issues affecting it occurs in every community whether large or small. The stereotypes associated with this community issue often project a distorted image about who is caught in this negative cycle that impacts the quality of life & well-being of the entire community. Some may feel that this is the personal problem of those directly affected by homelessness – it is not. Homelessness & its accompanying issues is a problem for us all; the lack of or inability to attain quality living for one detracts for the quality of life for us all – Our Community, Our Problem. This 3-part forum seeks to raise the visibility of the homelessness problem by hearing from experts actively working with this population. It will also identify local efforts to assist individuals & families impacted by it and share strategies for helping them escape this negative cycle.



*July 18, 2020 (Saturday) 1pm-2pm:   Youth without a home

Presented by Khalique Rogers, Youth Advocate & Motivational Speaker


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About Our Presenter


Khalique Rogers

Khalique Rogers is a man of many talents. He is a writer, a storyteller, a public speaker, and an actor. Rogers is also able to share his talents amongst generations, by facilitating life skill sessions with middle, high school, and college aged scholars. Rogers recognizes that there is an opportunity gap in American schools. He experienced firsthand a curriculum and school system that did not represent his culture, language and history.  Due to this, he has developed a passion for working with schools to inspire students of all backgrounds to foster a higher level of expectations for themselves.