June 2017

To Our Friends and Episcopal Faith Community:

In 2011, an idea was conceived to develop land owned by the Trustees of the Episcopal Church of Minnesota (ECMN) and that is adjacent to St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral. Episcopal Homes was approached to join the Trustees and St. Mark's to pursue the unique development opportunity that was to include office space, senior housing, and approximately 100 parking stalls for St. Mark's and was commonly referred to as Episcopal Commons.

All three organizations remained committed to pursuing Episcopal Commons as the project's vision was shared by all. Yet, despite significant effort, the project ultimately did not move forward, and a disagreement arose about which organization was responsible for the costs that had been incurred.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we are pleased to share that we have reached an agreement to resolve the matter. We are hopeful that the healing, now begun, will continue among our venerable organizations. Joyfully, as each of us moves forward with our work of carrying out our respective missions, we will still call ourselves brothers and sisters united under the Episcopal banner.

And those missions are vitally important, not only within the Episcopal community, but within the broader community as well. As a respected nonprofit organization now marking its 123rd year of service, Episcopal Homes will continue its work of providing homes and services for elders, with a focus on providing comfortable and affordable housing for all. St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, now in its 160th year, will continue to join God at work in Loring Park, promoting reconciliation, offering passionate hospitality, all while serving and leading in the example of Jesus Christ. The Trustees of the Episcopal Church of Minnesota will continue to serve as a resource to the more than one hundred faith communities of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota who are called to transformation by engaging in God's mission.

Together, we are committed to the mission of the Church: to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ, and we rejoice that we can continue in that work together.

signatures from individuals from each organization


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