June 25, 2019 St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis

God willing and the people consenting, The Right Reverend Brian N. Prior will ordain individuals to the Diaconate and Priesthood in a service that will take place on June 25th starting at 7pm at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, with a reception to follow. 

*Please note, there will likely be road construction on highways leading to St. Mark's Cathedral. Please leave adequate time to navigate construction and find parking

Parking is available (aside from the cathedral itself) from 5pm on at:

        • 1730 Clifton Place White Earth Nation
        • Walker Art Center ($4.00 underground ramp parking and a small jaunt across Hennepin Ave)
        • Architectural Aliiance 400 Clifton Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (you come at it from Groveland Ave going SE - and just before you get to the bridge going over 94, there is a quick left on Clifton Ave which becomes one way. Follow around and back toward 1730 Clifton Place. Architecture Aliiance is on  your right just before you get back to Clifton place. Very nice lot with a rod iron fence!

All clergy are welcome to vest and process. Please plan on wearing red stoles and arriving by 6:15 and gathering in the Whipple Chapel.

The ordination of these candidates to the diaconate and to the priesthood reflects the abundant ways the Holy Spirit has been moving faith communities in Minnesota to join in the work of God in their neighborhoods. The individuals who will be ordained represent not just their own willingness to respond to God’s call to join in that mission, but also the conversations, prayers, practices, service, sweat, friendship, conflict, change, and growth of all the baptized people of ECMN’s faith communities.

In Minnesota, we see the primary function of Deacons and Priests as those who are sent out to look for gifts in others and then nurture those gifts in order to engage in God’s mission in an ever-changing world. Every member of the church is a minister, from the three-year-old coloring in the pews, to the silver-haired faithful, to the teens on the mission trip, to the adults who gave up a week of vacation to accompany them. Through baptism, we are all ministers, uniquely gifted to participate in God’s love for the world. 

Whether you’re being ordained, are a friend, family or faith community member of someone being ordained, a clergy member, or someone interested in celebrating the growth of individuals and leaders in Minnesota, we welcome you to come.