Report on March 2016 Meeting of Elected Bodies

March 21, 2016

The Meeting of Elected Bodies took place Saturday, March 19 at the ECMN Retreat Center located on the campus of Shattuck-St. Mary’s in Faribault.

The morning began with a welcome from Bishop Brian Prior, opening prayer, and Gospel Based Discipleship.

Attendees then heard several Mission Opportunity 2016 success stories, updates from each of the Elected Bodies, updates on Mission Area Gatherings, and ECMN updates in the areas of Mission, Ministry, and Management.

Following lunch, each Elected Body met individually. Below are highlights from what each of them covered.


  • Fundraising efforts for the Episcopal Commons project continue.
  • There have been no property sales or new listings since our last meeting in January.
  • The PIF has recovered well as the broader investment markets have recovered since the beginning of the year. It is up 0.6 percent, which meets or exceeds its benchmarks.
  • We are on budget through the end of February. We will start to see our usual seasonal expense risks at 1730 Clifton Place as spring and summer start.


  • The minutes from the last Council meeting were approved.
  • The Management Committee discussed 2016 goals which included helping faith communities to improve revenue by surveying annual stewardship programs and identifying best practices.
  • Committee members discussed the fall pledge drive at their faith communities.
  • Brian Ostenso distributed a presentation he received from David Rocchio of the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta. 
  • A discussion took place about a focus on increasing the commitment of current faith community members.
  • Missioner for Finance, Jennifer Gamberg, reviewed financial results through February 2016.
  • Missioner for Community Engagement, Rachel Babbitt, showed a video on the Flint water crisis.
  • Bishop Prior joined the meeting and gave a review of discussions taking place in the other Elected Bodies.

Commission on Ministry:

  • COM letters of recommendation for candidates moving toward ordination were sent to Bishop Prior and the Standing Committee.
  • COM discussed and clarified the processes for team ministry groups (formally called "total ministry" or "shared ministry") and their participation in the School for Formation.
  • COM discussed the ECMN Drug and Alcohol Task Force and related resolutions from General Convention. Mike Sirany, COM representative to the task force, reported on the discussion from the first task force meeting. He will have more in-depth information available for the next COM meeting.  
  • The Rev. Susan Daughtry gave an update on the School for Formation including new courses being offered and potential changes to year three of the curriculum for those studying for ordination to the priesthood. 
  • Subgroups from COM and the Standing Committee have been meeting together to discuss and work out the processes regarding the work of the two groups and how best to serve people in the discernment to ordination journey. At the request of the Standing Committee, COM will give a presentation/overview of the key areas of the process sometime in April 2016. 
  • COM discussed the ”Deacon Call Day" to be held April 23, 2016 at All Saints Indian Mission and encouraged members of our faith communities to attend.

Standing Committee:

  • The Standing Committee conferred with the Trustees on property matters and the Episcopal Commons Project.
  • The Standing Committee was advised by Commission on Ministry Chair, The Rev. Ramona Scarpace, about COM matters.
  • The Standing Committee handled consent requests for nine members of Shared Ministry Teams and six individuals for next steps in the ordination process.
  • The Standing Committee heard from, and consulted with, Bishop Prior on several matters including his sabbatical.

Click here to access multimedia resources from the day on the ECMN website.

The next Meeting of Elected Bodies will take place June 4 at the ECMN Retreat Center in Faribault.