Ministry Resources

School for Formation

If you have discerned a call to serve, or if you have a longing to deepen your understanding of God and of our tradition, then you can find in the School for Formation the preparation and the learning you need. You can also find opportunities like Education for Formation and Deepening Roots. All are welcome!


Because God is constantly inviting us to use the gifts we have been given to be Jesus’ hands and feet in this world – to bring the Kingdom of God just that much nearer. How can we do this? ECMN has developed a great set of discernment tools to help you become clearer about your gifts so that you can best engage God’s Mission. Click here for more.

Episcopal Spiritual Direction

Episcopal Spiritual Direction is offered by more than fifteen spiritual directors in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.

The Resource Center for Churches

The Resource Center for Churches recommends and shares web, video, print, curriculum, and other resources for all areas of church life. All ECMN clergy, staff, and lay leaders are welcome to contact the RCC for free consultation and access to outstanding ministry resources. See their FAQ.

Gospel Based Discipleship

We believe that our faith communities, communities, states, country, and world are in a period of intense transformation. We believe that through prayer and meditation on the Gospel, we, as a people, can find creative energy and opportunity in the midst of this transformation. We believe that Gospel Based Discipleship is a useful tool in guiding these prayers.

Gospel Based Discipleship is not a program. It is not Bible Study. It is an encounter with the Gospel, designed to engage people with the Gospel appointed for the day, or the Sunday proper. It depends on participants being willing to share responses to the three questions:

What words or ideas did you hear?
What is Jesus (the Gospel) saying to you?
What is Jesus (the Gospel) calling you to do?

Documents and Other Resources

Randy Ferebee: Onramps for Leadership
From the PDF document "Cultivating the Missional Church."

Randy Ferebee: Grid Activity from Clergy Conference
From the PDF document "Cultivating the Missional Church."

Randy Ferebee: A Fire Story
From the PDF document "A Fire Story: Or Two or Three."

Dwight Zscheile: Missional Innovation
A presentation given by Dwight Zscheile entitled Missional Innovation: Leading Learning Communities in the Spirit.

Discernment & Formation for Missional Leadership
A document of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota approved by the Commission on Ministry July 1, 2013 and revised on September 6, 2015.

Discernment Wheel
The information you gather in this process is an important indicator of the path God might be encouraging you to pursue. Where do your passions, values and that which you always do and are good at meet the world’s needs? When the Holy Spirit connects those things, you are experiencing transformation. For there, you are truly engaging God’s Mission. For there, the Kingdom of God is in the present.

Discernment, Formation, and Ordinations