Mission Area Teams (Council)

Mission Area Teams (Council)

When Mission Area Teams meet as a body, they are Council. Council is a body of elected lay and clergy representatives who oversee the program and budget of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota between meetings of the yearly ECMN Convention. Council meets quarterly. Each meeting will be a joint meeting of all elected bodies – Council, Standing Committee, Trustees and Commission on Ministry – in the mornings, with the afternoons spent meeting separately. While there are only four planned meetings per year, there may be additional meetings for committees of Council, depending upon who is elected from within to serve on those committees.

Council Officers

The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior, Bishop of Minnesota, brian.p@episcopalmn.org
Canon Karen Olson, Secretary of Convention and Council, karen.o@episcopalmn.org
Brian Ostenso, Vice President, brian.ostenso@mailhandling.com

Email all Council members (council@episcopalmn.org)

Mission Area Teams

Northwest (northwest@episcopalmn.org)
Bill Butcher, St. John's, Onigum, bill.butcher@llojibwe.org
The Rev. Dana Emery, St. Luke’s, Detroit Lakes, danakaren@arvig.net
The Rev. Mark Olson, Leech Lake area faith communities olsonmark1966@gmail.com

Faith communities represented in the Northwest Minnesota Mission Area.

Northeast (northeast@episcopalmn.org)
The Rev. Carolyn Schmidt, Spirit of the Wilderness, Grand Marais, madrecj@aol.com
The Rev. Rick Swenson, rcswenson@msn.com
Gail Sheddy, St. Mary’s, Ely, gailsheddy@gmail.com
Bruce Hansen, St. Paul’s, Duluth, bhansen1308@q.com 

Faith communities represented in the Northeast Minnesota Mission Area.

West Metro (westmetro@episcopalmn.org)
Maureen Wilson, Epiphany, Plymouth, wilsonmaureen108@gmail.com

Faith communities represented in the West Metro Mission Area.

Central Metro, (centralmetro@episcopalmn.org)
The Rev. Phillip Boelter, Gethsemane, Minneapolis, pboelter56@gmail.com
Minnie Steele, St. Mark’s Cathedral, Minneapolis, minnie.2purses@gmail.com
Andrew Szeliga, University Episcopal Community, Minneapolis, andrew.szeliga@gmail.com

Faith communities represented in the Central Metro Mission Area.

East Metro (eastmetro@episcopalmn.org)
The Rev. Elaine Barber, dizfiz3734@hotmail.com
Heidi V. Langenfeld, St. Luke’s, Hastings, heidirandy@msn.com
Hector Nanka Bruce, Holy Trinity, St. Paul, hectornankabruce@me.com 

Faith communities represented in the East Metro Mission Area.

Southwest (southwest@episcopalmn.org)
The Rev. Paul Rider, St. John’s, Mankato, paulplus@hickorytech.net
The Rev. Marilla Whitney, St. Peter’s, New Ulm, marillaw@juno.com
Marilyn Rundell, Holy Communion, St. Peter, e.rundell@yahoo.com
Darin Prescott, Bishop Whipple Mission/St. Cornelia's, Morton, darinp@rconnect.com 

Faith communities represented in the Southwest Minnesota Mission Area.

Southeast (southeast@episcopalmn.org)
Savile Lord, Christ Church, Albert Lea, savile_lord@hotmail.com
The Rev. Lynne Sprick, St. Mark's, Lake City, spklyn@gmail.com
The Rev. John Sullivan, Christ Church, Austin, jps55912@gmail.com

Faith communities represented in the Southeast Minnesota Mission Area.

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