Team of Missioners

Meet the members of the ECMN Team of Missioners below. They are here as resources and network-builders for you, your faith community, and ECMN affiliates. They're YOUR missioners, so reach out!

For general inquiries, please call our main line at 612-871-5311 or email us at


Canon Karen Olson 

Missioner for Ministry

Phone: 612-870-3312

Karen supports faith communities and individuals as they engage in the myriad aspects of discernment and transition. She can help with gifts discernment, exploration of which ministry model is best for a faith community, and facilitation of mutual ministry reviews. If you are wondering how to best explore naming and claiming the Ministry of All the Baptized, whether that be in transition between rectors or exploring team-based ministry, she will be delighted to serve as your resource.

Kelsey Schuster

Canon for Operations and Chief of Staff

Phone: 612-870-3320

Kelsey oversees the operations of the diocesan office and missioners, provides support and coordination for our governance structures, and works closely with the Bishop to turn emerging strategic vision into concrete actions and systemic changes. 

Emilia Seay Allen

Missioner for Communications

Phone: 612-870-3317

Emilia handles communications for ECMN, focusing on storytelling, event support, web content management, and social media. Emilia can help you and your faith community shape and share your stories, can advise on communications strategy and resources, and can offer technical support and general meeting and retreat facilitation. 

Rachel Babbitt
Missioner for Community Engagement

Phone: 612-870-3321

Rachel supports faith communities in using their gifts for God’s mission in the community. She supports faith communities in building partnerships and innovative connections with the wider community. Rachel is the primary contact for completing community assessments, organizes and promotes the current Mission Opportunity, and oversees MIP grants. 


Sarah Barnett

Missioner for Children, Youth, Camp, and Young Adults

Phone: 612-870-3327

Sarah serves as a resource for mission and ministry with children, youth, camp, and young adults. She also assists in the development of children’s and youth ministry for faith communities across ECMN. She coordinates and convenes ECMN Children’s and Youth Ministry Commissions and provides support and networking opportunities for adults who work with youth.

Ellice Chelgren

Missioner for Administration

Phone: 612-870-3323

Ellice provides primary administrative support for the operations of ECMN, ensuring that hospitality is a key value in event planning and property management, and acts as a resource to faith communities.

The Rev. Susan Daughtry

Missioner for Formation

Phone: 612-870-3319

Susan works closely with all in formation for leadership – both lay and ordained. Partnering with the Commission for Formation, Formation Chaplains, and Commission for Ministry, she coordinates the design and delivery of courses, trainings, cohort gatherings, workshops, and practicums for the School for Formation. She is also a resource and companion for all in formation for Holy Orders. Susan can help connect you with opportunities to deepen your faith, develop your God-given gifts and skills, and grow as a leader.

Jennifer Gamberg

Missioner for Finance

Phone: 612-870-3308

Jennifer oversees all financial transactions within ECMN and helps to answer questions that faith communities might have about finances. Jennifer can answer your questions about Mission Ministry Support (MMS), Pooled Investment Fund (PIF) participation, and annual audit and financial review procedures. She can also offer support in general accounting and parochial reporting.

Jessica Ricardo

Missioner for the Bishop

Phone: 612-870-3301

Jessica provides primary executive administrative support to the Bishop and secondary support to other Missioners. Contact Jessica to schedule an appointment with Bishop Loya, or with questions about Confirmations or Renewal of Vows.


Sandra Stevenson

Missioner for Networking

Phone: 612-870-3315

Sandra is working with the elected bodies, faith communities, the School for Formation, and missioners to build a data and resource infrastructure that interconnects ECMN's various individuals, communities, and constituencies. 


The Rev. Canon Robert Two Bulls

Missioner for the Department of Indian Work and Multicultural Ministries

Phone: 612-870-3326

As the Missioner for the Department of Indian Work (DIW) and Multicultural Ministries, Robert acts as a resource and bridge between ECMN and its eleven DIW Faith Communities. In addition, he serves as a hub for the Multicultural Ministry Network.



Gretchen Beck, Missional Support for Formation
Phone: 612-871-5311

Gugu Matherne, Missional Support for Administration
Phone: 612-871-5311

Tanya Yunchyk, Missional Support for Finance 
Phone: 612-870-3325