Multicultural Ministries

Multicultural Ministries

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota is a multicultural community of faith communities that reflects the diverse ethnic realities of Minnesota, where all faith communities are empowered to have a shared voice within a culture of mutual accountability. Given the increasing populations of immigrants through the state, there are numerous opportunities before us to develop ethnic-specific as well as multicultural faith communities. Below are some of Minnesota’s faith communities helping to achieve this goal.

El Santo Niño Jesús, St. Paul

El Santo Niño Jesús is a resilient community of faith serving the Spanish-speaking population of the Twin Cities as well as those interested in joining a Spanish-speaking faith community. Its core leadership functions in ways similar to a Total Ministry team and it has been a hub for other forms of ministry to Spanish-speaking immigrants. The Rev. Néptali Rodríguez serves as Vicar. Worship is held primarily in Spanish at 12pm on Sundays at First Lutheran Church, 463 Maria Ave., St. Paul. For more information, visit them online here.

Holy Apostles, St. Paul

Holy Apostles is the church where Hmong, white, African, Latin, and Native American Christians try to love and live together in the One Body of Christ. They are the church that carries on in the teaching of the Holy Apostles themselves, in the breaking of bread together, and in prayer. They are the people who seek to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.Take part some time at Holy Apostles as our selves, the Bible, ancient Tradition, and Reason come together in our worship and service. Worship is held in English at 9am and in Hmong at 11am on Sundays. For more information, visit them online here.

Holy Trinity, St. Paul

Formerly known as St. Philip & St. Thomas Episcopal Churches, these two historic African American Episcopal Churches have been in the Twin Cities of Minnesota since the 1800’s.  Amid the rapidly changing demographics and missional challenges of the twenty-first century, and because of their common histories, in 2006 the churches began a merger discernment process.  In 2008 a merger decision was reached, and in 2012 the congregation voted to rename the church to Holy Trinity.  The Reverend James N. Wilson, II became the Priest-in-Charge. This vibrant community is making an impression in the neighborhood series of community engagement forums dealing with racial, ethnic, and cultural understanding and reconciliation. Learn more here.

San Jose Obrero, Montgomery

La Misión el San Jose Obrero serves Latino-American migrants who work at the Seneca Plant in Montgomery, Minnesota during the summer months. Episcopalians support this ministry of hospitality by organizing two Eucharists and a meal every Sunday during corn and pea pack at the plant. In 2008 our ECMN Convention welcomed San Jose Obrero as a Special Mission of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Worship is held in Spanish during the summer months on Sunday evenings.

St. Andrew’s, Minneapolis

Building a caring, nurturing, safe Christian community, giving immigrants and all who come a sense of belonging in Jesus Christ. St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a multicultural/interracial parish that has a long-standing tradition of a warm and kind hospitality to all. If you are looking for a church, rest assured that you have a place at St. Andrew’s. Worship is held primarily in English at 10am on Sundays. Learn more here.

Messiah, St. Paul

Messiah’s faith community includes a growing number of Karen (Ka*Ren) parishioners (an ethnic group originally from Burma) and they offer several ministries tailored to their cultural needs. Their 8:30 a.m. Sunday service includes Sgaw Karen translation. There is an interpreter (using personal radios) and parts of the worship liturgy are translated. The Gospel is read in both English and Karen. Their Adult Sunday School offers an English Conversation Class. English teachers help Karen students with English practice, citizenship study, and filling out forms or applications. For more information, visit them online here.

St. Nicholas, Richfield

St. Nicholas is a Richfield neighborhood church that believes our mission is to be a presence to the needs and opportunities of the community in which they serve. Responding to the Spanish speakers in our community is a part of that mission. They offer a service in Spanish every Saturday at 5:30 p.m. with Father Neptali Rodriguez as the celebrant. For more information, visit them online here.