Networking in ECMN

ECMN is a network of faith communities that are called to transformation.  The key point here is that the way we engage in transformation is through being a network - being connected and building relationship with one another.  We have a lot to learn from each other, and we have a lot to share with each other. 

Find a faith community

There are wonderful communities of Episcopalians meeting across the state.  Connect to one near you today!

Children and Youth Ministry Network (CYMN)

For those doing children and youth ministry and formation in faith communities, this network is for you.  You can engage online, or by gathering at their in person meetings each month. For more information on next steps, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page


Communicators in ECMN are sharing resources, tips, ideas and helping one another problem solve.  Communicators gather once per year in person, and have quarterly meetings online. The best way to stay connected is to request to join the Facebook Group here

Mission Areas

Faith communities in the state are connected to one another via Mission Areas.  Mission Areas are a grouping of 10-15 faith communities that share geographic proximity. Get connected to your mission area today by clicking here!

Other Ways to Connect

Looking to get connected to a person for some support?  Check out the about us tab to connect with a missioner

Looking for support for your ministry?  Find information about everything happening with children, youth and camp, plus discernment and formation resources for EVERYONE in your faith community.

Looking for resources to help you and your faith community get out of the 4 walls of your church?  Check out the Mission tab for a crash course in Missional church, plus links to lots of missional resources and networks that can help support you in your work.

Looking for administrative resources to support your faith community? Check out the management tab (resources for everything from employment and benefits to forms, grant and scholarship information, finance information).

Looking for information on the governance of ECMN, and the Elected Bodies that provide leadership? You'll find it in the about tab.