The front of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Lake City Minnesota

This year marks the 155th anniversary of the Episcopal Church’s presence in Lake City, Minnesota.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church began as a small group of Episcopalians worshipping together at the local Congregational Church in 1861. The first space they called their own was a small rented room in a house – with furniture made by the members of the church, and the simple upkeep and heating of the room tended by members as well.

Being the church required sacrifice, creativity and ingenuity. Though small in size, the communal life of the church was still robust, and each person contributed what they had to nourish and grow the church.

Over the years, the people of St. Mark’s supported the building of hospitals, nursing homes and the resettlement of refugees. They built buildings, choirs and became a staple in the community. They grew up and sent out generations of Episcopalians across the state and around the nation to minister, build businesses and build communities.

For the last 40 years, St. Mark’s has worked and worshipped in close relationship with Episcopal faith communities from surrounding areas, and has formed a close relationship with Grace Memorial Church in Wabasha. Together, these two faith communities use a Team Ministry model with a cadre of lay leaders and five women who have walked through ECMN’s ordination process and who together now lead the faith life, worship and governance of the church.

Nancy Meyers, a lay leader at St. Mark’s explained how it works in terms of their relationship with orders of priest and deacon. In Lake City, Barb Mathias is the priest and Lynne Sprick the deacon. In Wabasha at Grace the priests are Karen Polyard and Sherry Drysdale-Schruth and the deacon is Kathy Edwards. They also use supply priests for those Sundays when others are unavailable.

Through 155 years of rich history, St. Mark’s has continued to rely on the creativity, dedication and energy of its members. They look forward to working together to continue to support their church, gaining strength and wisdom from their past in order to embrace what’s ahead.

St. Mark’s is celebrating it’s 155 years on December 3rd from 2-5pm with a chance to tour the church and memorials, desserts, beverages and entertainment. All are invited!

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