What Would Whipple Do (WWWD?) Protest, Prayer Vigil & Press Conference

October 29, 2019 Bishop Henry Whipple Building (1 Federal Dr, St Paul, MN 55111)

A campaign for immigrant justice in Minnesota led by: The Episcopal Diocese Minnesota, the Minnesota Council of Churches and the Interfaith Coalition on Immigration


We call on all people of faith and goodwill, especially the members of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota (ECMN), to join Bishop Brian Prior, IX Bishop of ECMN and all who are partners in this campaign, to join us for this prayer vigil, celebration of holy communion, and a press conference.

What Would Whipple Do?

He’d speak out against inhumane treatment of his neighbors. He’d follow the gospel mandate to welcome strangers as if they were Jesus. He’d resist the separation of families and the removal of good people from their homes and communities!

Our words must be accompanied by our deeds. The “What Would Whipple Do?” campaign has two elements:

1) A demand that government officials either evict ICE from the Whipple Federal Building or remove Whipple’s name from the building and

2) A demand that the Minnesota State legislature and Governor make Minnesota a Sanctuary State. Sanctuary State laws prevent any state resources from being used to collaborate with ICE. If Minnesota enacts such a law, we would become the 10th state to do so and we would join dozens of sanctuary cities and counties, including Minneapolis and St. Paul.

At the end of 2017, there were 18 Minnesota cities and counties that had agreements to collaborate with ICE and the deportation machine, at the end of 2018, this number has grown to 35. This is unacceptable.

CALL TO ACTION - We call on all people of faith to join Bishop Prior and all campaign partners on Tuesday, Oct. 29th at 8am at the Whipple Federal Building at Ft. Snelling for a prayer vigil, celebration of communion and a press conference where we will make these demands public.

If you have questions or comments or if you need more information, please contact any member of the “WWWD?” campaign leadership team: Devon Anderson, Robert Two Bulls, Tim Kingsley, Janet McNally, Rena Turnham, Letha Wilson-Barnard, Judy Des Harnais.

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