Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee provides Council with all appropriate personnel policies and guidelines to be implemented for employees of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.

In addition to its members elected from Council (one lay representative and one clergy representative), the Personnel Committee shall also consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five additional members who, upon recommendation, are proposed to Council by the Bishop and Vice Chair of the Council and elected by a majority vote of Council. These members are to be selected for their demonstrated professional expertise.

The Personnel Committee shall meet at a minimum, quarterly, or as needed to respond in a timely manner to compensation, benefits and other personnel needs. The Personnel Committee will review existing personnel policies, propose revisions to them when appropriate, and recommend said revised policies to Council for approval and implementation

Being at all times mindful of the issues of economic and social justice, the Personnel Committee shall meet, to respond in a timely manner to compensation, benefits and other personnel needs within the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, including but not limited to:

Compensation and Benefits

  • Review tri-yearly studies relative to benefits and wages of non-profits and small businesses in Hennepin/Ramsey County, Minnesota, and other dioceses within the Episcopal Church.
  • Develop periodic reviews of competitive salary and benefit practices as may be applicable to all parochial clergy and key lay positions.
  • Based upon the above review, provide recommendations to Council with respect to benefit plans and policies as applicable to parochial clergy and lay staff at least once every three years or as needed.
  • Provide recommendations to Council as to projected salary and benefit plans and budgets based upon the above studies.
  • Provide recommendations to Council as to personnel policies and practices to be recommended to the Bishop and clergy and lay staff which are compliant with the Constitution, Canons and Resolutions of the Episcopal Church and The Episcopal Church in Minnesota and all federal, state and local laws applicable to hierarchical churches.
  • Establish standards and procedures for annually evaluating and determining compensation for the Bishop, administrative personnel, and the team of Missioners.
  • Provide recommendations to the yearly ECMN Convention with respect to the following items:
    1. Minimum annual compensation payable to all parochial clergy.
    2. Minimum annual compensation scales for key faith community lay positions such as Director of Music, Director of Christian Education and Director of Youth Programs.

Job Descriptions

  • Develop or review and maintain high level job descriptions for Ecclesiastical and lay staff.
  • Develop and maintain job descriptions for Council.
  • Develop and provide examples of applicable performance reviews.
  • Require yearly performance reviews of all employees based upon job descriptions and annually established goals and objectives.


  • Review training programs yearly and adapt to current needs.

Committee Members

Molly Weiss, Chair
Chris Beebe, Council Representative
Bai Xiong, Council Representative
Joy Caires
Tom Gehlsen
Mark Kelm
Molly Weiss


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