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God has richly blessed the church with gifts abundant, and together we are stewards of that bounty, which includes the people of our faith communities and their spiritual gifts, their offerings of time and money, real estate assets, and more – all of which we are invited to use for God’s mission.

It is expected that leaders of faith communities will be discerning how they can utilize God’s gifts in creative ways, and that this creativity will lead our faith communities to build, buy, change, transfer, sell, give, and share their properties for God’s Mission. There is, after all, a time and a season for everything under heaven. 

In order to facilitate that work, the Bishop, the Standing Committee, the Trustees, and the Chancellor of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota (ECMN) have prepared this guide to help answer questions, and to provide resources to faith community leaders engaged in the acquisition of property.

Why do faith communities need ECMN involvement?

Our theology of God’s Mission and our understanding of church leads us, as Episcopalians, to a structure of sharing of God’s resources for Mission, and a shared decision-making process that supports our work together.  From the way our faith communities are organized and governed, to the way our Canons are written, all property held by or for a faith community is held in trust for ECMN and the entire Episcopal Church.  When a parish faith community desires to undertake a transaction affecting church property, the church works together to ensure that the interests of the whole church are considered.  This is done by the Vestry working cooperatively with the Trustees, Standing Committee, Chancellor, and Bishop to obtain any required consents before completing transactions that involve the acquisition of real property by a parish faith community.

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The Trustees 
The Standing Committee 
The Chancellor 
The Bishop 

It begins with a conversation with your ECMN Trustees.  You can contact them by emailing: