Standing Committee

Process: Elected at ECMN Convention
Members: 12 (6 lay, 6 clergy)
Term: 3 years

Duties: The general duties of the Standing Committee are to be a Counsel of Advice to the Bishop, and to consider consents for a parish, mission, or ECMN entity to acquire, dispose of, or encumber the real property; approve candidates for ordination to the diaconate or priesthood; and consent to the elections of and proposed consecrations of bishops in The Episcopal Church. Also, in the event there is no Bishop, the Standing Committee acts as the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota until a Bishop can be elected.

The Standing Committee holds monthly meetings. They also meet with all of the other Elected Bodies at the Meeting of Elected Bodies 4 times per year. A portion of the agenda of Standing Committee meetings is routinely devoted to considering requests by faith communities and governing bodies of ECMN institutions for the Standing Committee’s advice and consent to various transactions. Special meetings can be arranged in exigent circumstances, but the Standing Committee prefers to keep such meetings to a minimum in view of the frequency of its regular meetings.

Contact the Standing Committee at:

Standing Committee Officers


Standing Committee members, listed by year of term expiration:


Terms expire 2021

The Rev. Devon Anderson
The Rev. Blair Pogue
Laura Bathke*
Rich Simons*

Terms expire 2022

The Rev. Amelia Arthur
The Rev. Siri Hustad*
Julia New Landrum
Alexis Roy*

Terms expire 2023

The Rev. Letha Wilson Barnard
The Rev. Ramona Scarpace*
Sue Grove*
Tony Nwonye

*indicates serving second term