Way of Love

Engaging God's Mission of the Beloved Community by Living the Way of Love

The focus of this year’s Convention and Mission Opportunity will be Engaging God’s Mission of the Beloved Community, Living the Way of Love.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has invited all in the Episcopal Church to adopt this Way of Love, which has been broken down into a set of practices – Turn, Learn, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest. These words represent ‘practices that can train up the spirit to follow in the way of Jesus.’ 

We’ll be using these practices as a frame for our time together at Convention – welcoming fellow members of ECMN to teach us more about what each of these words represent, and teaching us practices that we can begin to incorporate into our lives individually and as faith communities across ECMN.

We will worship together, learn together, take care of the business of being church together, and build relationships with one another.  We will hold the tension of this transitional time that we find ourselves in – socially, politically, culturally, and even within our own leadership here in ECMN – and together learn practices that help us to dive deeply into the goodness that God has for us here.

There are a TON of resources to help you engage in this journey online at https://www.episcopalchurch.org/way-of-love.