Bishop Brian N. Prior Youth Scholarship Fund

If you’ve ever met Bishop Prior, there’s a good chance you know that he’s passionate about camp and retreat opportunities for youth. He’s passionate because camp and retreats changed his life. It connected him to a community and it built up his faith. To honor his legacy in ECMN, we want to make sure that every child and youth in ECMN has the opportunity to engage in the same type of life-transforming experiences.

Did you know that collaborative statewide programming for kids and youth in ECMN is thriving and growing? There are now 11 programs, with 436 participating kids representing 42 faith communities from across the state. 1 out of every 5 of these kids require some level of financial assistance in order to participate.

An anonymous donor has seeded an endowed fund, The Bishop Brian N. Prior Youth Scholarship Fund, to help bridge this gap, so even more kids can participate in programs. 

Our current funding level can only meet half of the existing need. Given that each of the programs expanded participation by 20% last year, we know that even more funding is needed to make sure that every kid who wants to participate in a program gets to.

We need your help. We need to raise $160,000 for this endowed fund to be able to ensure that all youth can participate in programs that strengthen their faith, connect them to community, and transform their hearts. 

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You can give easily and quickly online. If every Baptized Episcopalian gave just $7, we would reach our goal.

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You can also contribute by mailing checks payable to: Trustees of the Diocese of Minnesota, with Fund # 99057 or "Bishop Brian N. Prior Youth Scholarship Fund" in the memo line

Checks can be mailed to:

Missioner for Finance 
C/O Youth Scholarship Fund  
1101 W Broadway Ave. 
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Spread the Word

To reach this goal, we need your help. Spread the word at your faith community and to your networks.  Below, find some flyers and resources that help tell the story and get people engaged.

Letter from Bishop Prior

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Postcard (for announcements, TV scrolling)

ECMN Bishop Brian N. Prior Scholarship Fund - Official Resolution 

What's the story of youth programs in ECMN?

There are now 11 programs (13 separate events) with 436 kids participating each year, representing 42 faith communities from across the state. There are a huge variety of program options for kids these days:

  • Entry-level exploratory camps for young children and families (EKID, EFAM, ECAD)
  • Week-long adventure camp for middle and high-schoolers (EYQC)
  • Week-long music camp for elementary, middle-, and high-schoolers (EYMC)
  • Service trips for middle- and high schoolers (Rosebud, Ma Wa Disi Da, SINC)
  • Retreats for high-schoolers (Peer Ministry Training, TEC)
  • Retreats for middle-schoolers (Pre-TEC)

To find out more about these opportunities, or get a youth registered, click here.

1 in 5 participants required some level of financial assistance last year. The rapid expansion of these programs and the number of participants is a sign of the movement of God’s spirit, of the energy and growth that’s possible when God is making a way.

This rapid expansion has also stretched the budgets of families, faith communities, and ECMN. More stable funding sources are needed to ensure that scholarships are available for youth who need them, so that all youth in ECMN can participate in these programs.