The Next Step on Our Journey with the Four Priorities

The Rt. Rev. Craig Loya

The Next Step on Our Journey with the Four Priorities

Beloved in Christ,

At ECMN Convention in September I introduced the Four Priorities, rooted in the findings of the Bishop Search Process and formally adopted by Council, that I see guiding us as a Diocese in this next chapter.

During my address, I mentioned that the next step for us living into these priorities would be to gather groups of people to begin praying, dreaming, and imagining. With ECMN Council leading this initiative, we have now launched five initial Discernment Committees: Discipleship, Faithful Innovation, Racial Justice & Healing, Latinx Ministries, and Team Ministry & Rural Congregations. Each of these committees has now met for the first time. Our Youth Commission is also engaging each of these priorities, and will be an important part of our discernment.

Click here to find a roster of each discernment committee and to learn a bit more about its purpose.

I hasten to add that these discernment committees represent the very beginning of the process. I expect they will consult broadly beyond their current membership, and in the years to come, there will be many, many opportunities for everyone around ECMN to continue engaging with this work.

While the output of each committee will be unique, common to all of them is that this work of discernment is both prayerful and creative. Each committee is listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit and imagining bold new possibilities. This work of discernment incorporates both deep listening and audacious brainstorming.

Participating in these initial meetings has been an immense privilege. I knew before being elected as your Bishop that ECMN was filled with incredible, prayerful, talented folks, but these meetings have been such an exemplary opportunity to see, hear, and experience that in a deeper way. These folks are coming together from diverse backgrounds, from across the state, many of whom have had no previous connection to one another, and yet, the energy was immediate, the ideas were immediate, the deep, challenging questioning and thoughtful, holy creativity were immediate.

I look forward to sharing the work of these teams in the months to come, but for now, I welcome your prayers for them and their work, and encourage you to begin to make space in your own hearts and minds for the prayerful, bold, and creative ideas that they will bring.

The Right Reverend Craig Loya
X Bishop
Episcopal Church in Minnesota

The Four Priorities


Daily practices that help us follow Jesus as our whole way of life. 

Faithful Innovation

Joining the Spirit in new ways to proclaim and live out the gospel. 


Becoming the Beloved Community.

Congregational Vitality

Thriving faith communities of all sizes in all places.