COVID-19 Response from ECMN

Find below all of the information that has come out from ECMN regarding resources and recommendations regarding COVID-19 response, and a regularly updated list of resources. 

Have questions or need support?  Contact your Missioner for Community Engagement, Rachel Babbitt at, or 612-870-3321. Even though she's working from home, she'll get your voicemail!

ECMN Recommendations & Communication

Guidelines and Planning Resource Document

ECMN has developed a resource for faith communities as they create plans for how to re-gather in the coming weeks and months. This document should be considered a living document. Expect that this document will be updated and re-released as new knowledge and resources become available.

What you can expect right now from this document are specific guidelines that faith communities must follow, plus questions, planning documents, and resources to help faith communities as they imagine what their life together will look like as we enter phases 2, 3, and 4.

Download ECMN Phases of Re-Gathering Document (Version 2, Released June 23rd)

Please let us know if there are further resources you need as you plan. We will do our best to continue to add to this document as time goes on. Email Rachel Babbitt, your Missioner for Community Engagement, at

ECMN Faith Communities in Phase 1.5 

With the lifting of the stay at home order, ECMN now moves into Phase 1.5 of our 4-stage plan. For our faith communities, this means:

  • Groups of 10 or fewer individuals may return to faith community buildings to film or live-stream services, as long as appropriate physical distancing is maintained.
  • Weddings and funerals that cannot be postponed may take place, as long as they are gatherings of 10 people or less and follow the physical distancing and the wearing of masks.
  • Those who are sick, those who have underlying health conditions, and those who are over the age of 65 should not re-gather in any form or fashion during this phase.
  • During Phase 1.5 the Office of the Bishop and Missioners will still remain closed, and 1101 W Broadway will still not host events or gatherings of any size. We are advising that Church offices, during this phase, do the same.
  • All other groups and gatherings continue to be suspended until further notice.
  • Faith Communities may gather outdoors, provided they follow safety precautions 

During this phase, we will continue to learn together about the best practices for sustaining our life of common prayer. Look for further reflections, guidelines, and opportunities to reflect on best practices in the weeks to come. 

Communication from ECMN

Click this link for links to all the messages that have been released from ECMN with recommendations, resources and updates.

Leading Beyond the Blizzard

Online Gatherings, Tuesdays at 2pm

These gatherings, hosted by Bishop Loya, are held weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm gathering for clergy and lay faith community leaders. This is our time to stay in relationship with one another, and learn and grow together.

During these gatherings, there will be time at the beginning to hear about updates and recommendations based on our current situation, but after that, we’ll spend time engaged in formation on a specific topic, and then break off into small groups for discussion, sharing, unpacking, idea-generating, and connecting with others across the state who are learning to lead through the long winter.

Click here to register. 

Resources for Faith Communities

Webinars and Trainings

Click this link for recordings of past zoom meetings and webinars offered by ECMN, Episcopal Relief and Development, the CEEP network, and others.

Financial Support for Faith Communities

There will be financial impacts on faith communities as this situation unfolds. There are resources available, including through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Click here for more information about what's available and how to apply. 

ECMN Loan Application Tracking

In order to ensure that ECMN is providing the best support possible, we ask that, if you have submitted a loan request, and before you accept a loan, you provide us with some more detailed information by filling out this form. 

Worship Resources

Click here to find resources including best practices for offering online worship and services, as well as places to find livestreamed services on Sundays.

Pastoral Care Resources

Click here for resources on providing pastoral care for those within your faith communities, as well as finding places to receive pastoral care and support as a leader of a faith community.

Building Management and Planning Resources

Click here to find resources to help faith communities plan and prepare both for office and business closures, as well as for their eventual re-opening, including planning worksheets and building sanitiation guidelines.

Primary Resources for Information & Guidelines

Centers for Disease Control

Helpful resources for faith community leaders.

A pandemic preparedness checklist.

Minnesota Department of Health

Has a main page which is constantly updated with information specific to cases and response to the situation here in Minnesota. 

Here's a great guide to resources available during this crisis. This is especially great for people with children at home!

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has curated resources that can be found here. Stay up to date on words of love and encouragement from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. 

Episcopal Relief and Development

Offers great resources for faith leaders that we commend to you, including recordings of the webinars they have been offering.