ECMN Priorities

ECMN's Priorities

Four priorities to help shape our life together as a diocese.

At ECMN convention in September of 2020, Bishop Loya outlined 4 priorities that will help shape our life together as a diocese: discipleship, faithful innovation, justice, and vitality.

Here’s a bit of what he shared at convention:

"As I have come to know you, I have heard a longing to be more deeply rooted in Jesus and his way of love. I have heard a longing to boldly embrace the church’s changing landscape, because you believe that God is not done with us yet. I have heard you wanted to get on board with Minnesota’s rapidly shifting demographics and fully receive the gifts of our diversity. I have heard a longing to nurture vital congregations of every size, shape, persuasion and location. 

As we enter into this new chapter of life together, I am proposing a set of 4 priorities to help shape our life together as a diocese: discipleship, faithful innovation, justice, and vitality.

I believe we are being called to first return our focus to the basics of discipleship: daily practices that help us follow Jesus as a whole way of life. Discipleship is our core business. When we deeply ground ourselves in it, I believe we will see that bear fruit in at least three major ways. 

  1. Faithful Innovation: joining the Spirit in new ways to proclaim and live out the gospel. 
  2. Justice: joining the Spirit in becoming the beloved community
  3. Vital faith communities of every kind, in every place. 

The question before us is clear: will we, will each one of us, join what the Spirit is doing among and around us?" 


Watch and Read the Bishop's Address

Click here for a video of the Bishop's Address to Convention from September, 2020 for an introduction to these priorities. You can find a text version of these remarks by clicking here.


Join the conversation

  1. Pray every day.
  2. Gather together on Tuesdays at 2pm (Leading Beyond the Blizzard Gatherings)
  3. Stay tuned for more work and action to come. In the meantime, let these priorities, these calls of the Holy Spirit, sink down deeply into your bones. Contemplate on them, reflect on them, and pray.
  4. You can find a flyer with more information about these priorities by clicking here.


Watch All the Videos From Convention

From the Bishop's Address to workshops to stories to worship, click here to watch all the videos from ECMN Convention in one place. Feel free to share it with others as well!


Exploring the 4 Priorities

As we journey together, we’ll be sharing stories from across ECMN of those who are exploring, living into and responding to the call of these priorities in their own contexts.


Discipleship: Practicing the Way of Jesus

This priority looks like: every faith community creating a culture of discipleship, utilizing Gospel Based Discipleship, Way of Love, and other resources to equip people to follow Jesus as a way of life, and daily practices to follow the way of Jesus.


Discipleship for a New Era of Christian Mission
The Rev. Blair Pogue, St. Matthew’s, St. Paul

In this workshop Blair Pogue will share her learnings from twenty years working with laity in the area of adult Christian formation. How can we equip the people entrusted to our care and help them develop an imagination for what the Holy Spirit is up to in their neighborhoods? Click here to watch the video of this workshop.


ECMN Youth

Find here a story from Missioner Sarah Barnett about the ways that young people across ECMN are practicing discipleship, walking the way of Jesus and building the Beloved Community, at retreats and in their everyday lives. Click here to watch the video.


Faithful Innovation: Boldly Embracing a Changing Church

This priority looks like: joining what the Spirit is doing in our neighborhoods, creating spaces for small experiments, planting new communities, using new models of gathering, and forming creative partnerships between faith communities.


Good Courage Farm

Find here a story of one of ECMN's newest ministries, Good Courage Farm, led by the Rev. Kerri Meyer, as they live out faithful innovation in their context. Click here to watch the video.


Justice: Becoming Beloved Community

This priority looks like: dismantling systemic racism in the church and world, growing multicultural ministries, and caring for creation.


Justice: Introduction to Sacred Ground: A Film-Based Dialogue Series on Race & Faith
Katrina Browne, Author of the Sacred Ground Curriculum, and Rev. Isaiah Shaneequa Brokenleg - Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation for The Episcopal Church

Sacred Ground is part of Becoming Beloved Community, The Episcopal Church’s long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation, and justice in our personal lives, our ministries, and our society. Sacred Ground is a dialogue series that has been offered by the national Church since 2019 for use by congregations via an adaptable curriculum that is available online. The workshop will provide an overview of the curriculum and how it works to form circles. Click here to watch the recording of this workshop, and click here to find a list of resources.


St. John the Baptist

Find here a story from the Rev. Lisa Wiens Heinsohn, of St. John the Baptist Episcopal church in Minneapolis, as they live out justice in their context. Click here to watch the video.


Vitality: Growing Where We Are Planted

This priority looks like: supporting rural communities, revitalizing Team Ministry, and strengthening congregations.

Innovation and Vitality: A Radical Revisioning of Church
The Rev. Mary Groeninger, St. Mary’s, Ely

The St. Mary's Ely faith community began thriving when we made a conscious decision to stop caring about how many people showed up to church on Sunday, instead focusing on our gifts and how we might use them to share God's love in the community around us.   Rather than being an obstacle, our small size pushed us out of our comfort zone--into the community, into close relationships with other small churches, into intentional, intergenerational worship--into a radical revisioning of what church really means. Click here to watch a recording of this workshop.