About ECMN

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota

During the current Episcopate, we have made the change (legally and culturally) to become The Episcopal Church in Minnesota (ECMN), embracing a new identity as a network of faith communities - churches, schools, non-profits, care centers - that is called to transformation by engaging God’s mission.

Living out this shift in our identity, our work has become more and more focused on discerning our gifts, and, in partnership, joining with God in the work that God is doing in the world. For more about ECMN and the work we're up to together, click here.

We understand our work together to be broken up into three areas—distinctive, but interconnected: ministry, mission, and management.

Ministry: living into the ministry of all the baptized by discerning gifts and being in relationship with all four orders of ministry: lay, deacon, priest, and Bishop.

Mission: living out gifts and passions in partnership with those in the community to meet needs and engage in transformation.

Management: stewarding resources (people, property, pennies) in such a way that the work of the church can continue sustainably.

Each faith community in ECMN is a member of its Mission Area—groupings of 10-15 faith communities that share geographic proximity. Mission areas connect through annual gatherings, gather and share information, ideas, connections, and best practices within their mission area, and provide opportunities for relationship-building.

Whenever possible, we seek to act as a network: we focus on relationship rather than hierarchy as the most effective mechanism to build and share strategies and new ideas.

We understand that the church is changing, and we trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in those changes.

Engaging God’s Mission

Over the last Episcopate, we have developed deep and abiding practices to do the work that we call engaging God’s mission. This, quite simply, means that we actively seek out and participate in the God's work of reconciliation in our neighborhoods and communities.  

Many faith communities have enaged in discernment to discover their identity and gifts, and have entered into relationship with their neighbors in order to better understand the places that they might partner.

Additionally, each year, faith communities in ECMN are invited into learning around a Mission Opportunity. From hunger to homelessness, from poverty in Haiti to racial reconciliation, each year offers an opportunity for faith communities to learn about something new and determine whether or not they’re called to take on work around this issue long-term. All of those opportunities have led us to a more global look at how we are invited into, and how we are becoming, the Beloved Community.

ECMN Offices in North Minneapolis

In 2017, the offices of ECMN moved from Loring Park to North Minneapolis, a historically and systemically marginalized community in Minnesota's largest city. The move to this neighborhood started with a relationship missioners had built with a local business. When the building in which that business operated became available, it was clear that this was an opportunity to both invest in a vibrant community and expand ECMN’s ability to gather together.

The ECMN Offices, on the corner of West Broadway and Emerson, consist of three floors of meeting space, including a large Gathering Space that can hold up to 100 and conference rooms on two levels. While these spaces are used regularly by faith communities, they are used mostly by individuals and organizations in the community, who run programs and host events and retreats in the space free of charge. From events promoting wealth-building for African American women to youth programs supporting multi-generational mentorship for young men to board retreats for community non-profits, rarely does a day go by without at least one of these spaces being used by the community.

Just as each faith community is called to build partnerships and engage God’s mission in their neighborhood, so too are the Bishop and Missioners called to partnership and engaging God's mission in North Minneapolis.

Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Find a faith community near you and join in the vibrant work that is happening throughout Minnesota.
  • Sign up to receive emails and updates to stay in the loop
  • Click here to learn more about mission areas, and how to get connected
  • Click here to learn more about the networks that exist in ECMN and how you can join the network that's right for you.
  • The ECMN offices act as a hub for ECMN and for North Minneapolis. Find out more about the offices and how you can make them work for you here.
  • Watch the video below for an overview of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota - the structure, values, and work of ECMN.

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A bit about ECMN

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota is a ‘diocese’ of The Episcopal Church, which is a community of 2.5 million worshipers in about 120 dioceses across the United States and abroad.

The Episcopal Church is part of the larger Anglican Communion, which is a worldwide community of more than 77 million who intentionally maintain community and commonality in prayer and worship in more than 500 dioceses in 164 countries.

Our very first Bishop, Henry Benjamin Whipple, worked and served with the Native American community. While others were persecuting them, he was ordaining them. The Episcopal Church in Minnesota continues that legacy.

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota maintains one of the largest Departments of Indian Work in the entire Episcopal Church, with faith communities on nearly every reservation in Minnesota. Additionally, we support faith communities welcoming the newest Minnesotans by worshiping in several languages, including Hmong and Spanish.