Deepening Discipleship

Deepening Discipleship

Apprenticing ourselves to Jesus.

To be a Christian is to be an apprentice of Jesus, spending time with him, going to the people and the places where Jesus himself went. In this pathway, you will find resources to help every Minnesota Episcopalian deepen their spiritual practice, and become a lifelong student of Jesus. 

Overflow: An Introduction to Growing in Faith
Thursday, July 18 & 25, August 1 & 15, 6:30-7:45pm

In Overflow: An Introduction to Growing in Faith, Minnesota Episcopalians are invited to spend time this summer learning more about the Bible and engaging in transformative spiritual practices. You’ll also explore new ways to be in relationship with God and love God with your mind, spirit, and body. As your faith overflows, it will touch the lives of those around you. You’ll learn to love your neighbors in a new and profound way, creating a positive ripple effect. The class and discussions will be facilitated by the Rev. Canon Blair Pogue.

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Following Jesus to Purpose and Meaning
Online, at your own pace
Two Zoom discussions: Thursday, August 22, 12-1pm & Thursday, September 5, 7-8pm

In a world obsessed with material success, have you ever felt a disconnection between societal expectations and the teachings of Jesus? Do you wonder how to reconcile the traditional definitions of a good life with Jesus’ radical message? Following Jesus to Purpose and Meaning tackles head-on the clash between conventional standards of success, and the timeless wisdom of Jesus. It offers practical tools to navigate this tension in daily life with grace and wisdom.